Greetings and blessings for you and your dear family

We would like to wish the entire Jewish People our sincerest blessings for a k’siva vachasima tova, l’shana tova u’msuka – to be inscribed and sealed for a good, sweet year, with blessings from every letter of the Hebrew Alef-Beis.

May this year be:

A year of “Arise and have mercy on Zion,”… uplifted in matters of Moshiach and the Redemption… faith in G-d and Moses His servant… traveling with the Heavenly clouds… Revealed Wonders; Wonders in Everything… the building of the Holy Temple… trust; Great wonders… the true and complete Redemption; Dignified Wonders… victory… the seventh generation is the generation of Redemption…King David lives and is eternal; “Those who rest in the dust will arise and sing and he will lead them”… Moshiach is coming and he has already come… the revelation of Moshiach; “He will redeem us”… “And they believed in G-d and in Moses His servant”; “This one will comfort us”; the wonders of true freedom… a new song; an abundance of good (Rambam); the king shall live; inscribed and sealed for a good year… the harp of Moshiach; learning Moshiach’s teachings; the coming of Menachem who will comfort us… the King Moshiach; wonders… revealed miracles… a double portion; treasures… the completion and end of exile… the revelation of the Infinite Divine Light; “Humble ones, the time of your Redemption has arrived”; “Jerusalem will dwell in open space”; Your servant David will go forth; the ingathering of the exiles… acceptance of his sovereignty by the people; Rebbe – Rosh B’nei Yisrael; peace… a new song… Moshiach’s shofar… unity of the Torah, unity of the Jewish people, unity of the land of Israel; Resurrection of the Dead… “A new Torah will come from Me”