Rosh Hashana Appeal

If there was ever a time during our lifetimes that we’d all together cry out to G‑d from the deepest recesses of our hearts, that time is surely now, this Rosh Hashanah.

“Who shall live and who shall die… Who shall be tranquil… Who shall suffer… Who shall be humbled…” This has all suddenly become so much more tangible and real.

If we ever lost perspective about what’s truly important; if we ever got carried away with our positions, our money or our power (including our lack of them); the radical changes our world has undergone have shaken us to the core, given us a reality check, reminded us what’s fleeting and what is forever.

In fact, along with the immense upheaval and displacement, we’ve been blessed:

We’ve been granted new humility, and new recognition of our deeply personal and palpable responsibility to our Father in Heaven, Master of the World! We also learned that we cannot be complacent, we can’t simply sit back and rest on our laurels.

Indeed. We must all act. Now. We must each incorporate more time in our lives for G‑d — to think about our responsibility to Him, and to act on His loving lifelines to us: His Torah and His mitzvos.

We must each uplift and make sacred our personal spaces, our homes, our havens. (If forced to spend Rosh Hashanah at home, let our walls be permeated with the power of our prayers!)

And we must each take more time and spend more of our precious resources to help one another — and to remember the truth that when we do so we’re really helping ourselves! But we cannot keep up. Please generously participate in our High Holiday Appeal!

Years from now, when we reflect on our conduct during this historic time, let’s always be proud that, despite our challenges to do so, we stretched ourselves to help others!

We wish you and all yours that in the merit of our efforts to fortify and empower one another, and in the merit of our preparations for an unprecedented Rosh Hashanah, and especially in the merit of our very generous tzedakah (charity) given from deep within —
May you and your loved ones—amid the entire Jewish people and all of humanity (!)—be granted a Happy, Healthy and Sweet New Year, a year of life and tranquility, amid a world healed and transformed!


Chaim Yitzchok Cohen

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