Rosh Hashana appeal

The High Holidays are now only a few weeks away and as we do every year, Chabad of UK thanks you for your continued support and contribution through the previous 12 months. Without you, Chabad of UK, and Chabad all over the world, could not maintain its Torah-true mission of People helping People, or promote and strengthen Judaism awareness. This year in the shadow of the Corona virus pandemic it is more important than ever that we do all we can for people where we are most needed.

You will know that Chabad Community Centre is a centre serving the community in a spiritual way and for the greater good with an ‘open-door’ policy for anyone in need. This is a true centre for the community that needs no membership fees or commitment. Chabad of UK strives to make our religion accessible, fun and joyous. We welcome every Jewish person. Chabad of UK is funded strictly by donations by people like you and all the money you donate goes to help those in the greatest need. We are ready to rise to the occasion and to respond where necessary, as we have done in the Covid 19 pandemic.

With the ever-increasing burden that the current economic situation (itself a victim of the pandemic) places on us all, Chabad of UK is ready to provide direct support to all families in need, making sure they have enough to eat. We can help by giving emotional and spiritual strength during critical periods of stress, crisis or loss and through the darkest days of the current health crisis.

Chabad of UK offers spiritual guidance and friendship to everyone, but especially to those who are alone and particularly those struggling to cope alone in the pandemic. These people need Chabad, and Chabad of UK needs you. We are People helping People.

To make a donation, you can send it to the address above or donate by using PayPal to
Bank transfer to Chabad UK
Sort Code 08-71-99
Account Number 88932122

Chabad of UK really appreciates your assistance in helping us and of course we accept and we always need your support throughout the year. We thank you for it. We look forward to your favourable and sympathetic response to this enclosed appeal. G-d in His infinite mercy, kindness and goodness will certainly bestow upon you all of His blessings for a Happy, Healthy and sweet New Year materially and spiritually with the imminent arrival of Moshiach