The importance of Simcha – happiness

In talks delivered immediately preceding and during the first month of Adar in 1992, the Lubavitcher Rebbe emphasized the importance of Simcha – happiness – in turning the darkness of exile into the light of Redemption.

The Rebbe also stressed that being as there were two months of Adar in that year, there are 60 days during which we are to increase our Simcha. More importantly, in Jewish law, the quantity of 60 has the ability to nullify an undesirable presence.

Specifically, this concerns food, as we see that if a quantity of milk, for instance, has accidentally become mixed with meat if the meat outnumbers the milk by a ratio of 1:60, the milk is nullified and we may eat the meat.

Similarly, explained the Rebbe, 60 days of Simcha have the ability to nullify the darkness of the present exile, allowing us to actually turn the darkness into light.

Concerning the kind of things that should be done to arouse Simcha, the Rebbe suggested that each person should proceed according to his level: a child, for instance, should be made happy by his parents; a wife by her husband, and vice versa. The bottom line, my friends, is that the Rebbe did not let up on encouraging an increase of Simcha in all permissible manners during the entire month.

We should hearken to the Rebbe’s words and utilize Simcha, especially during the rest of this first month of Adar and the upcoming month of Adar II, to turn darkness into light, sadness into joy, and pain and tears into rejoicing with Moshiach in the Final Redemption, may it take place, as the Rebbe so fervently prayed, teikef umiyad mamash – immediately, literally. Moshiach NOW!!!