This Shabbat is called Shabbat Shira

This Shabbat is called Shabbat Shira, when we read the Torah portion about the song – shira – of praise the Jews sang after crossing the Red Sea. Our Sages taught that the “Song of the Sea” hints at the Redemption. For it says, “Then Moses will sing with the Children of Israel…” From this verse, our Sages derive the principle of the Resurrection of the Dead in the Messianic Era, when Moses and all the Jewish people will arise and sing G-d’s praise.

However, the song we will sing will differ from the Song of the Sea as related in the following Midrash: “It will be said on that day: ‘Behold, this is our G-d in whom we put our hope… this is the L-rd for whom we hoped…’ ”

We say “this” when something is standing before our eyes. When the Jews said, “This is my G-d,” after the Splitting of the Sea, it was because they actually saw G-d, as it were. They were able to point to Him and say, “This is my G-d.” But in the future, there will be an additional revelation, therefore we will sing “this” twice.

At the Red Sea, there was a revelation of G-d’s miracles, and a supernatural event took place. But this type of revelation has a deficiency; the world could not contain it. It was possible only because G-d created a situation at that instant in which His unlimited power could be revealed. Thus, when the revelation and the miracle passed, the world had not changed at all.

But there is a second type of revelation, when the world’s essence is revealed for what it truly is – G-d’s energy. G-d reveals that the laws of nature themselves, and even the entire material world – are pure G-dliness.

The advantage of this kind of revelation is that it is within the limitations of the world, it is the truth of the world itself. When this truth is revealed, it is like solving a mystery. For, as soon as the mystery is solved, it is no longer a mystery. Similarly, once the G-dliness intrinsically within the world is revealed, then it can no longer be hidden and everyone sees that G-d directs and fills the whole world.

This type of revelation, the uncovering of all that is hidden, will take place in the future redemption.